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Privacy Policy

The Online Pet Store commits to protecting the privacy of our clients and all users of this website. You agree that you shall not use this website to harass, stalk, or extract personal information of other users of this website. The Online Pet Store reserves the right to refuse to release the personal information of our clients and all users to any third party, except in cases which are deemed to involve or are involved in illegal activity according to Singapore law. In such cases, the decision whether to release our clients’ and users’ information and the nature and extent of information to be released will be based on The Online Pet Store’s sole discretion.

The Online Pet Store strongly advises our clients and users to refrain from disclosing personal information on the public domains of this website, as well as from providing personal information to other users of this website. The Online Pet Store, including its owners and employees, cannot be held responsible for any damages suffered by you as a result of your divulging of personal information.

“Personal information” includes but is not limited to NRIC number, address, credit card and other financial information, and contact number.