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Welcome to The Online Pet Store

20 DECEMBER 2010


Hello you! Welcome to the launch of The Online Pet Store!

Sorry, there's no launch party. We're an online store. We're modern. We're HIGH TECH. Pet Society launch party, anyone? -chuckles-

Seriously, virtual launch party or not, we are happy to have you here on our web store. We are ecstatic. You are the VIP and we want to roll out our virtual red carpet for you. Unless you would prefer complimentary $5 vouchers for the first 200 new accounts...... Really? Thank goodness 'cos we don't actually have a virtual red carpet. Now go create an account quick! Someone in some corner of Singapore might be racing you to the 200th spot.

Done? Excellent! Now you can do fun stuff with your account. Other than using it to buy things, you can also use it to collect rebate credits under our TOPSaver scheme. Do you have people living overseas whose greeting cards and parcels look all beaten up by the time they reach you? What about busy family and friends who give gift vouchers for every single occasion (birthday gift, Christmas gift, wedding gift, It's a boy/girl! gift...)? Hint them to send you TOPS Gift Vouchers instead. For the same face value, you can buy more stuff at TOPS than at a retail outlet.

Oh, right. This is a blog, not a marketing corner. -puts loud hailer away- Well, watch this space for regular posts about dog nutrition, cat nutrition, dog grooming, cat grooming, product reviews, intellectual opinions about animals-related current affairs, contests, light-hearted day-to-day "stuff", dog training, and perhaps cat training if we can lay our hands on an expert who tried and survived.

Alright, I'm off to hunt for a cat trainer... after I fetch my cat his food bowl.

Signing off,

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